Sparx Enterprise Architect BIZBOK®

Length: 2 days | Course #01-0640


  • Enterprise architect
  • Business architect
  • Business analyst
  • Business process designer
  • System analyst
  • Software architect



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Sparx Enterprise Architect BIZBOK provides students with a hands-on opportunity for learning how use Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) to support the methods outlined in “A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge®” (BIZBOK Guide) from the Business Architecture Guild®. Starting with an overview of the capabilities of EA, students will review various tool configuration options and model structuring and organization guidelines. Students will begin with creating a high-level context diagram describing the scope of the business architecture transformation. Then students will build value maps and value stream specifications based on key stakeholders. The course continues with building capability, organization, and information maps and then cross-mapping amongst them. Students learn how to model the five extension domains for stakeholder, strategy, initiative, product, and policy. The course covers additional features including relationship matrices, traceability, security, publishing content, and time-aware modeling. Most class time is used for students to do hands-on lab exercises.

Course Outline

  • Model Business Architecture Scope
    • EA workspace configuration
    • Diagrams and elements
    • Relationships and element lists
  • Model Value Streams
    • Stakeholder, value proposition
    • Value stream, value stream stage
    • Value map, value stream specification
  • Build Capability Model
    • Capability, outcome
    • Capability map
    • Heat mapping
  • Create Information Map
    • Information concept, state, distinguished business object
    • Information map, information lifecycle
    • Model organization and security
  • Model Organization Structure
    • Organization, business unit, partner, collaborative team
    • Organization map
  • Cross Mapping
    • Value to capability and information
    • Capability to information and organization
    • Relationship matrices and traceability
  • Extended Modeling
    • Stakeholder map
    • Strategy map, initiative map
    • Product map, policy map
    • Document generation
    • Time-aware modeling
  • Related domains
    • Application portfolio management
    • Business process modeling


  • Learn how to apply key features of Sparx Enterprise Architect for
    • Business architecture based on BIZBOK Guide best practices
  • Build integrated set of core business architecture models
    • Value map
    • Capability map
    • Information map
    • Organization map
  • Model extension domains
    • Stakeholder map
    • Strategy map
    • Initiative map
    • Product map
    • Policy map