Sparx Enterprise Architect ArchiMate®

Length: 1 day | Course #01-0633


  • Enterprise architect
  • Business architect
  • Business analyst
  • Business process designer
  • System analyst
  • Software architect



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Sparx Enterprise Architect ArchiMate provides students with a hands-on opportunity for learning how to capture enterprise architecture models and related content using the ArchiMate MDG Technology for Enterprise Architect (EA) from Sparx Systems. Starting with an overview of EA, students will review various tool configuration options and model structuring and organization guidelines. Students begin with capturing the request for architecture work, identifying architecture principles. Students then describe an architecture vision with high-level baseline and target architectures. Students continue following the TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (ADM) and build models for the business, application, and technology architecture domains. Students then develop the extension viewpoints and assess the relationships between the core concepts and the Motivation, and Implementation & Migration extensions. Most of the class time is used for students to do hands-on lab exercises following a step-by-step workbook.

Course Outline

  • Overview of the TOGAF ADM
  • Build Business Motivation Model
    • EA workspace configuration
    • Architecture Vision
    • Business requirements
    • Relationships and element lists
  • Build Business Architecture Model
    • Model Business Functions
    • Model Business Process
    • Model Business Structure
    • Model Business Information
  • Build Application Architecture Model
    • Model Application Co-Operation
    • Model Application Usage
    • Model the Information Structure
  • Build Technology Architecture Model
    • Model the infrastructure landscape
    • Searching the EA model
  • Model the Implementation & Migration
    • Use the gap analysis matrix
    • Build the migration view
    • RTF and HTML reporting


  • Learn how to apply key features of Sparx Enterprise Architect for
    • ArchiMate modeling language
    • TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM)
  • Build integrated set of architecture models
    • Business
    • Application
    • Technology
  • Apply ArchiMate language extensions