IBM DOORS Fundamentals

Length: 1 day | Course #01-0616


  • Systems engineer
  • Business architect
  • Business analyst
  • System analyst
  • Project manager
  • Software architect
  • Test analyst
  • Technical writer



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IBM DOORS Fundamentals teaches the experienced systems engineer how to apply the key capabilities of IBM DOORS for requirements management. Students begin with reviewing a proven configuration for setting up a new DOORS project. Students then learn how to capture the user requirements through importing existing requirements and then organizing them in the project explorer. Interaction with module views for changing, sorting, and querying requirements and their attributes is discussed. Students apply different strategies for capturing requirements and setting attributes using formal modules. Then students continue with establishing and querying traceability between user requirements, system requirements, and test cases using traceability links. Students apply DOORS change management capabilities to review module history, to view suspect traceability links and to create baselines. The course concludes with an overview of advanced DOORS features including discussions, external tool integration, and the DOORS eXtension Language (DXL).


  • Learn how to apply key features of IBM® Rational® DOORS®
  • Practical tool usage guidelines to enact system engineering requirements management best practices
    • Requirements management
    • User requirements
    • System requirements
    • Use cases