BIZBOK 4 Foundation

Length: 3 days | Course #01-0228


  • Business architect
  • Business relationship manager
  • Business analyst
  • Business process designer
  • Enterprise architect
  • Data architect
  • Application architect
  • Technology architect
  • IT manager


  • Experience in business and IT development


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BIZBOK 4 Foundation is designed to provide students with an overview of “A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge ® (BIZBOK Guide)” as a foundation for becoming a capable business architect and establishing an effective business architecture practice. The course begins with an overview of what business architecture is and its value proposition. Students will then be provided with an overview of key business architecture blueprints. The course continues with describing common business architecture scenarios. Understanding business architect skills and how that relates to organizational maturity will be discussed. Students will be provided with an in-depth discussion of how business architecture relates to other business management frameworks and how business architecture can guide business transformation via IT delivery. Understanding different types of business architecture content and how it should be governed will also be discussed. The course concludes with indepth discussion of the key business architecture blueprints, their purpose and benefits and guidance on how to effectively build them.

Course Outline (Modules and Topics)

  • Introduction to Business Architecture
  • Business Architecture Blueprint Overview
  • Business Architecture Scenarios
  • Business Architecture Skills and Maturity
  • Align Business Architecture Practice
  • Business Architecture and IT
  • Business Architecture Content Management
  • Business Architecture Governance
  • Value Mapping
  • Capability Mapping
  • Organization Mapping
  • Information Mapping
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Initiative Mapping
  • Product Mapping
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Policy Mapping


  • Understand key concepts of business architecture
  • Understand role of the business architect
  • Discuss approaches to implementing a business architecture capability
  • Understand different scenarios for applying business architecture
  • Discuss alignment of business architecture
    • Business management frameworks
    • IT architecture
  • Discuss different kinds of business architecture content
    • How to provide effective governance
  • Understand key types of business architecture blueprints
    • Purpose and benefits
    • How to build them