APG Learning Portal

The APG Learning Portal provides a new capability for individuals to advance their professional development at their own pace and convenience. Organizations can now support deploying new practices with web-based tutorials (WBTs) and blended-learning approaches that are less expensive and less disruptive.

APG has begun the process of making many of our most popular training offerings available online via the APG Learning Portal. APG will be offering free access to these WBTs to students that have already attended the equivalent instructor-led sessions. Students will be able to perpetually access electronic versions of the lecture slides, as well as all handouts and exercise materials.

APG is pleased to announce the delivery the APG TOGAF 9 Certification program using a blended-learning approach that incorporates two days of WBTs and two days of instructor-led training (ILT).

Exclusive Feature! Via integration with the APG TOGAF Process Library (ATPL), students can view the specific topic referenced on each slide directly in the ATPL and navigate to related topics.

Please visit the APG Learning Portal for more details and a free demonstration.

Currently Available Courseware

The APG Learning Portal provides a number of features that provide a comprehensive online learning experience for individual students.

  • Centralized management of student learning history
  • Managed delivery of courses
  • Perpetual access to courseware materials
  • Integrated with online testing to assess knowledge retention and understanding
  • Access to topical reference materials
  • View useful online resources
  • Download relevant content from library
  • Upload individual student content for offline assignments
  • Communication tools
  • Chat and messaging
  • Bulletin board
  • Live webinar integration

Organization Features

The APG Learning Portal also provides core functions that support learning management requirements in organizations deploying large-scale training efforts.

  • User management (enrollment, privileges, groups, certificates)
  • Payment and billing management
  • Reporting (training program, specific course, specific student)
  • Remote administration
  • Integration with customer relationship management (CRM)

Please contact APG Sales if you are interested in services to design, develop, deploy, host, and manage your custom web-based learning program.