APG Service 03-0402: APG RUP Implementation Program

APG RUP Implementation Program


APG offers a range of services for implementing the IBM Unified Process® (RUP®) in an organization. Our proven approach to successful process improvement involves a suite of integrated services that we tailor to the specific needs of each of our clients.

Implementation Approach

APG recommends implementing RUP using a risk-driven, iterative approach. After an initial organizational assessment, APG works with our clients to help determine measurable business objectives for the process improvement effort. For each release of new process to the organization, APG helps our clients:

 Identify high-level requirements and scope

 Develop iterative plans for the current release

 Train core method team members

 Select candidate pilot projects

 Acquire appropriate tools and licenses

 Tailor and extend RUP to organizational needs

 Coach and mentor pilot project teams

 Deploy and support RUP adoption by the entire organization

Types of Projects

APG expects that for most organizations, a single process is often not sufficient for every type of project. APG is experienced in implementing new development processes for many different types of projects.

 Custom, object-oriented, web applications

 Package implementations

 Data warehouses

 Application integration

 Application support and maintenance

 Real-time and embedded development

While we expect that a single process often does not work exactly the same for different types of projects, APG recommends searching for as much commonality as possible.


APG has a comprehensive classroom training curriculum of over 30 courses that cover all aspects of the software development lifecycle.

 Business Modeling


 Analysis & Design


 Process Improvement

 Project Management


 IBM Tools

See APG Training for more information.

IBM Tools

APG can procure, install, configure, and deploy the IBM Software Development Platform for our clients. Our certified consultants and instructors bring their proven and practical expertise with many IBM tools including:

 Rational RequisitePro

 Rational Software Architect

 Rational System Developer

 Rational Software Modeler

 Rational Portfolio Manager

 Rational Unified Process

 Rational Method Composer

 Rational SoDA

 Rational ClearCase

 Rational ClearQuest

APG clients see higher levels of sustained tool adoption when the tools are configured to the organization’s specific needs, supported by integrated process and tool training, and enabled with project coaching for day-to-day practical application. See Professional Services for more details.

If you are interested in purchasing Rational products, please contact APG Sales for assistance.