APG Tool 03-0301: EPF Composer

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Tool #03-0301


  • Process architect
  • Process author
  • Process coach
  • Project manager
  • IT manager

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or 2003
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Enterprise Linux, and possibly others
  • Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or 1.6


You can download the current version of EPF Composer from the Eclipse website. Users can also separately download the published OpenUP website, which is included with EPF Composer.Use is subject to the Eclipse Public License.

Cost: Free


EPF Composer is an open source tool for authoring development method content and publishing processes (such as software development, systems engineering, enterprise architecture). It allows an organization to construct a process from the ground-up, customize an existing process framework, and integrate a family of processes. EPF Composer is a result of the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) project.

Features & Benefits

  • Capture and extend method content
    • Discipline
    • Roles
    • Tasks
    • Work Products
    • Guidance
  • Describe process patterns
  • Configure processes
  • Publish process content
  • Manage process assets
  • Extend base processes
  • Tailor process to organization and domain-specific needs
  • Accompanied by Open Unified Process (OpenUP) process library
  • Provide forum for industry process investments to converge
    • UP, Agile, DSDM
    • MDA, TOGAF
  • Provide foundation for reusing, sharing, integrating, and tailoring various process assets
  • Open source


EPF Composer uses a forms-based approach to defining method content (such as roles, tasks, and work products) in an Eclipse IDE. Method content is then configured into process patterns using various breakdown structures and activity models. The process patterns are in turn assembled into complete processes. Processes can then be published as a website.

Method content is comprised of:

  • Roles, tasks, work products
  • Disciplines, domains
  • Guidance (checklists, templates, examples, guidelines, etc)

Processes are configurations of method content arranged by:

  • Phases, iterations, activities
  • Milestones, team profiles
  • Guidance (checklists, templates, examples, guidelines, etc)

EPF Composer is accompanied by OpenUP, a base process for small, co-located development teams that can be extended and customized to each organization’s needs.


OpenUP Introduction

OpenUP Life cycle

Inception Phase

Role: Project Manager

Task: Plan Project

Work Product: Project Plan

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