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Looking to bring modern, world-class modeling to your API Management strategy? Sparx Services North America is excited to deliver the premier API modeling solution for the world’s most popular modeling tool – Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems!.

API Modeling MDG Technology

The API Modeling MDG Technology from Sparx Services North America is a free plug-in that you can easily download and install for Enterprise Architect and immediately begin taking the next steps in maturing your API Management practices.


Includes two new diagram types for modeling REST APIs that provide ability to include REST APIs in typical UML diagrams (such as Component and Sequence diagrams).

Application Resource Definition Diagram

Resource Specification Diagram

HTTP Method Sequence Diagram

System Requirements

For best results and to exploit the full set of features of the API Modeling MDG Technology, we recommend using Enterprise Architect v13.5 Build 1352 or later.

Installation Instructions

See the Readme.txt file after downloading and unzipping the zip file.