APG Process 03-0201: OpenUP

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Process #03-0201


  • Process architect
  • Process author
  • Process coach
  • Project manager
  • IT manager

System Requirements

  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5+
    — or —
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0+


You can download the published OpenUP website as well as the OpenUP practice library (included with EPF Composer) from the Eclipse website. Use is subject to the Eclipse Public License.

Cost: Free


OpenUP/Basic is a common language – a common way of doing things – that aligns how stakeholders and practitioners understand a project. It is an iterative software development process that is minimal, complete, and extensible. It is a process for small, co-located teams that value collaboration and stakeholder benefits over unnecessary deliverables and formality.

OpenUP is characterized by four mutually supporting core principles:

  • Collaborate to align interests and share understanding
  • Balance competing priorities to maximize stakeholder value
  • Focus on articulating the architecture
  • Evolve continuously to obtain feedback and improve

OpenUP/Basic is ready to use as-is; nothing needs to be added or removed. OpenUP/Basic also serves as a foundation on which process content can be added or tailored using the EPF Composer tool.

“OpenUP is the least amount of process for any project; but not all the process for every project.” – Chris Armstrong

Features & Benefits

  • Sustainable agile software development
  • Iterative and risk-driven
  • Minimally sufficient for small, co-located teams
  • Extendable to meet needs of larger teams and more complex environments
  • Four integrated sub-processes
    • Collaboration and communication
    • Management
    • Intent
    • Solution
  • Described with roles, tasks, and activities
  • Supporting guidance (checklists, templates, guidelines, examples)
  • Open source


Life cycle


Role: Project Manager

Task: Plan Project

Example: Project Burndown

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