APG Plug-In 03-0101: APG Professional Development Plug-In

Plugin #03-0101


  • Human resources
  • IT management
  • Project manager
  • IT practitioner

System Requirements

  • IBM Unified Process v2003.06.13
  • Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.4+
  • IBM RUP Builder
  • HTML browser


You can download the APG Professional Development Plug-In from our myAPG resource portal.Simply login as a registered user and then download the plug-in as well as access additional content.

Cost: Free


The APG Professional Development Plug-In, validated as a “Ready for IBM software” plug-in for RUP®, adds a new discipline for organizational and individual professional development. Most closely related to the Environment discipline, the Professional Development Plug-In provides a proven roadmap for continually developing the skills and knowledge of today’s information technology worker.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven roadmap for professional development
  • Suitable for organization and individual programs
  • Comprehensive set of templates, examples, and checklists
  • Same look-and-feel as RUP
  • Allows for easy deployment and process customization using RUP Builder
  • Supported by APG certification preparation exams and classroom curriculum


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