APG ModelFlow™

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Integrated Enterprise Architecture Content At Your Fingertips!

ModelFlow is a platform to automate the exchange of model content between EA modeling tools and other federated enterprise data repositories. Currently supported EA tools include Sparx Enterprise Architect, UNICOM (formerly IBM Rational) System Architect, Casewise and ServiceNow CMDB, with future applications being integrated over time. The platform can be used as a method for co-existence of multiple EA tools or as a migration mechanism


  • Effectively exploit enterprise content for architecture-based decision making
  • Seamlessly exchange architecture model content among multiple EA toolsets
  • Reliably synchronize EA content with federated enterprise data repositories
  • Confidently embrace holistic enterprise-wide perspective of business and IT data

Currently Supported EA Tools

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect
    Map external EA content to built-in and custom MDG Technologies/UML Profiles.
  • UNICOM System Architect
    Map external EA content, definitions and diagrams, to out-of-the-box and custom USRPROPS modified repositories.
  • Casewise
    Map external EA content, definitions and diagrams, to out-of-the-box and custom property modified repositories.


• No technical investment required to understand custom APIs of EA modeling tools
• Map external data fields to internal EA tool metadata
• Easy-to-use GUI for managing import configurations
• Detailed audit reporting to track all creation of new elements and updating of existing properties
• Consume any external data source based on ODBC, SQL, CSV and XMI data formats
• Bi-directional synchronization of model content between EA modeling tools
• Command-line interface for automating bulk data retrieval using scheduling agents
• Graphically visualize EA context of federated data content using native EA tool capabilities