APG Offering #07-0206: EA-In-A-Box: Integration Facet

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Align With Strategy!

EA-In-A-Box: Integration Facet

The Integration Facet of EA-In-A-Box™ supports all other facets by providing a portfolio management capability to support architecture-driven strategic planning and business alignment.

APG helps organizations apply best practices for enterprise architecture migration planning and portfolio management to provide executive management visibility into architecture investments.

APG offers a comprehensive set of services to help organizations effectively connect their architecture capability with the rest of the enterprise:

  • Identify architecture projects
  • Integrate strategic planning
  • Manage architecture requirements
  • Deliver performance metrics

Standard Offering (7 days) [#07-0206-01]

Leveraging strategic partnerships with world-class tool providers like IBM® Rational®, APG provides organizations clear guidance on how to effectively use portfolio management tools such as IBM Focal Point™ (RFP).

APG provides guidance on how to use RFP in the context of Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions and Phase F: Migration Planning in TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM).

  • IBM Focal Point Fundamentals training (2 days) [#01-0622]
  • IBM Focal Point licenses [#04-0205]
  • ATPL+ IBM Focal Point (ATPL+RFP) licenses [#02-0104-08]
  • RFP Deployment workshop (5 days) [#00-0409]