APG Offering #07-0205: EA-In-A-Box: Collaboration Facet

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EA-In-A-Box: Collaboration Facet

The Collaboration Facet of EA-In-A-Box™ supports all other facets by providing an environment for geographically dispersed enterprise architecture teams to manage their work and interactions.

APG helps organizations apply best practices for agile development and formal project management to enterprise architecture and solution delivery teams.

APG offers a comprehensive set of services to help organizations effectively utilize their constrained enterprise architecture resources:

  • Identify architecture roles
  • Manage architecture project
  • Assign work items
  • Report project status
  • Enable team collaboration

Standard Offering (7 days) [#07-0205-01]

Leveraging strategic partnerships with world-class tool providers like IBM® Rational®, APG provides organizations clear guidance on how to effectively use agile team collaboration tools such as IBM Team Concert (RTC).

APG configures RTC to follow TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM), as described by the APG TOGAF Process Library (ATPL) in IBM Method Composer, to provide an out-of-the-box environment for an organizations EA teams.

  • IBM Team Concert Fundamentals training (2 days) [#01-0621]
  • IBM Team Concert licenses [#04-0204]
  • ATPL+ IBM Team Concert (ATPL+RTC) licenses [#02-0104-07]
  • RTC Deployment workshop (5 days) [#00-0408]