APG Offering #07-0204: EA-In-A-Box: Realization Facet

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EA-In-A-Box: Realization Facet

The Realization Facet of EA-In-A-Box™ builds on the Visualization Facet by providing the mechanisms to achieve the desired target architectures through solution delivery implementation projects.

APG has integrated Phase G: Implementation Governance of TOGAF® Architecture Development Method with the IBM Unified Process® (RUP®) in ATPL+RUP.

The APG TOGAF Process Library Plus IBM Unified Process (ATPL+RUP) provides a formal description of the process integration touch points and handoffs between enterprise architecture initiatives and solution delivery projects.

APG offers a comprehensive set of services to help organizations make enterprise architecture real by driving value through effective collaboration with solution delivery teams:

  • Affirm architecture engagement
  • Formulate solution delivery recommendations
  • Guide solution architecture development

Standard Offering (2 days)

APG provides training and process integration for coordinating enterprise architects and the solution architects they work with.

Adaptation Offering (5 days)

Once a solid foundation is established, APG works with organizations to help formally adopt implementation governance best practices and tailor them to their unique requirements.

  • Design architecture review process
  • Describe architecture compliance framework
  • Refine solution delivery integration

Based on the APG TOGAF Process Library (ATPL), APG offers hands-on training and customization workshops using IBM Method Composer to tailor RUP and TOGAF to organization-specific needs.