APG Offering #07-0203: EA-In-A-Box: Visualization Facet

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EA-In-A-Box: Visualization Facet

The Visualization Facet of EA-In-A-Box™ builds on the Foundation Facet by delivering proven methods and techniques for formally modeling enterprise architecture assets.

APG helps organizations adopt best practices to effectively apply industry standards for architecture modeling.

APG offers a comprehensive set of services to help organizations take these important steps in visualizing their enterprise architecture:

  • Understand modeling tool capabilities
  • Establish architecture taxonomy
  • Tailor tools to organization requirements
  • Deploy and support configured tools
  • Harvest existing architecture models
  • Describe target and baseline architectures

Standard Offering (7 days) [#07-0203-01]

Leveraging strategic partnerships with world-class tool providers like IBM® Rational®, APG provides organizations clear guidance on how to effectively use modeling tools such as UNICOM System Architect®, IBM Rhapsody®, and IBM Software Architect.