APG Offering #07-02: EA-In-A-Box


EA_Foundation EA_Visualization EA_Realization EA_Operation EA_Collaboration EA_Integration EA_Specialization


EA-In-A-Box™ from APG is an integrated set of service and product offerings that provides everything an organization needs to:

  • Establish an enterprise architecture (EA) practice
  • Accelerate EA development
  • Realize EA strategy
  • Sustain EA investments

Supported by APG products and those from UNICOM (formerly IBM Rational) System Architect  and our other vendor partners, EA-In-A-Box provides a one-stop shop for the people, process and tool elements of making enterprise architecture real in your organization.

EA-In-A-Box Facets

The facets of EA-In-A-Box represent a set of offerings designed to improve the effectiveness and relevance of enterprise architecture in your organization.

EA_Foundation EA_Specialization EA_Operation EA_Collaboration EA_Visualization EA_Realization EA_Operation

Each facet builds on the preceding facet (from the bottom-up) and provides a long-term strategic roadmap for maturing your EA practice.

The offerings of each facet are a collection of specially integrated APG consulting and training services combined with products from APG and IBM Rational.


The Foundation facet of EA-In-A-Box is grounded in TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) – a reliable, proven method for developing an enterprise architecture.

  • Explains how to derive an organization-specific enterprise architecture that addresses business requirements
  • Describes architecture views to enable architects to ensure that a complex sets of diverse requirements are adequately addressed

Click here to view a mapping of how the different facets of EA-In-A-Box cover all of the TOGAF ADM phases.