Armstrong Process Group Launches APG ModelFlow at Gartner EA Summit 2014

APG ModelFlow™ platform automates the exchange of model content between EA modeling tools and federated enterprise data repositories

MINNEAPOLIS, MN June 4, 2014 – Armstrong Process Group, Inc. (APG), an industry leader in architecture-driven solutions today announced the launch of APG ModelFlow at the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2014.

APG ModelFlow is a platform which automates the exchange of model content between EA modeling tools, such as Sparx Enterprise Architect and UNICOM System Architect; as well as for consuming architecture-relevant modeling content held in federated enterprise data sources such as: finance, HR, business models, and application/project portfolio data.

The reason that many organizations use more than one EA modeling tool varies by organization. Factors include the maturity of the organization, capabilities of the modeling tools themselves, and personal preferences of the EA professionals. However, multiple modeling tools results in information bottlenecks, loss of content continuity between EA modeling tools, unproductive “turf” battles and a loss of intellectual capital and capacity where one modeling tool’s borders end without connecting to an adjacent modeling tool.

“We developed APG ModelFlow as a result of hands-on experience working through issues with organizations where more than one EA modeling tool is used and EA data is scattered in a variety of sources within an organization,” noted APG President Chris Armstrong.

EA practitioners are intimately familiar with the powerful value of smooth information flows on many levels within organizations, noted Armstrong. APG ModelFlow is an intuitive and logical solution for solving modeling tool content issues and facilitating the flow of EA knowledge within an organization via differing EA modeling tools and data sources.

Evaluating APG ModelFlow

As APG rolls out APG ModelFlow to various industries and modeling tool configurations, a select number of organizations will be asked to participate, at no-cost, in evaluating the platform and providing feedback. Please contact APG at to be included in receiving an evaluation copy of APG ModelFlow and participating in that initiative.

As a platform, APG ModelFlow serves as a bridge for migrating modeling content between EA modeling tools and extends the flow of EA knowledge across modeling tools and from data sources within an organization. APG’s experience in addressing these issues resulted in a platform which increases modeling tool capacity broadly and EA data gathering. Moreover, APG ModelFlow also enables EA practitioners across organization to use more than one EA modeling tool and easily tie together content from more than one modeling tool and data source.

About Armstrong Process Group
APG is an Advanced IBM Business Partner with Value Advantage Plus (VAP) capabilities and an IBM Independent Software Vendor (ISV). APG is a Valued Added Reseller (VAR) and training partner for Sparx Systems. APG provides services to organizations that wish to adopt the Enterprise Architect modeling tool. APG has recently joined the HPE partner network to provide service for the HPE Enterprise Maps product that integrates with Sparx Enterprise Architect.

View the APG ModelFlow Datasheet