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UML® Profile for BIZBOK® Guide – v0.9.0 MDG Technology

We have finished the complete beta (v0.9.0) release of the MDG Technology for BIZBOK® Guide for Sparx Enterprise Architect!

Who: APG
What: UML Profile
Where: Business Architecture Guild
When: 27 Oct 2017

Required Settings

As we selected UML Use Case as the base element type for Value Stream, there is a default setting you need to change to allow you to resize Value Streams without a fixed aspect ratio.

Here are the instruction for changing that setting in EA v13:

  1. Select Start->[Workspace]->Preferences from the main menu.
  2. In the Preferences window, select the Objects section on the left.
  3. Check Allow elongated Use Cases and press OK.

You should then be able to resize Value Stream elements horizontally and vertically independent from one another.

Release Notes

– Updated all metamodel diagrams to show all related elements. Also changed thickness and color of line style to:
  – Blue for relationships to the domains core element types
  – Orange for relationships to other foundational element types
  – Black for relationships to other extension element types
  – Green for relationships to other related element types
– Moved Policy->Governs->Business Unit relationship to Policy->Governs->Organization.
– Added new Organization->Sets->Policy relationship.
– Created new BPM package in Related Domains package.
– Moved Process from Initiative to BPM.
– Removed Process from Organization diagram.
– Added Has Entrance/Exit Criteria relationship between Value Stream Stage and Information Concept Instance.
– Added Entrance/Exit Criteria tagged values to Value Stream Stage (to allow representing these properties as text fields as opposed to requiring them to be represented as explicit relationships to Value Stream Criteria or Information Concept Instance).
– Added Stage Number tagged value to Value Stream Stage to allow users to control 
– Updated relationship properties for all relationships connected to extension domains:
  – Stakeholder
  – Strategy
  – Policy
  – Initiative
  – Product
 – Changed Product->Relies On->Capability to Capability->Supports->Product (seems semantically similar and reuses existing relationship stereotype). Made same change between Value Item and Product.
– Changed Capability Instance->Instance Of->Capability relationship to Implements and changed metaclass to Realization. #699899
– Changed Product Line->Composed Of->Product to Groups (with Nesting for metaclass)to differentiate from other Composed Of relationship type (that uses Composition for metaclass).
– Changed Stakeholder Type->Categorizes->Stakeholder to Groups (to be consistent with other Groups relationship type).
– Changed Capability->Delivers->Outcome metaclass from Association to Realization (to be consistent with other Delivers relationship type).
– Reviewed all Foundation diagram toolboxes and added missing element and relationship types per metamodel diagrams:
  – Capability Map Toolbox
  – Capability Cross Mapping Toolbox
  – Value Cross Mapping Toolbox
  – Value Stream Specification Toolbox
  – Information Cross Mapping Toolbox
  – Organization Cross Mapping Toolbox
– Created new diagram types for extension domains:
  – Initiative Map
  – Initiative Cross Mapping
  – Policy Map
  – Product Map
  – Product Cross Mapping
  – Stakeholder Map
  – Strategy Map
– Created new shape scripts and icons for elements and relationships

The UML® Profile for BIZBOK® Guide is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. In association with this solution, the Business Architecture Guild and APG make no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, of title, or of non-infringement of third party rights. Use of the product by a user is at the user’s risk.

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