Guideline: Business Scenario Documentation
Main Description

26.8.1 Textual Documentation

Effective business scenario documentation requires a balance between ensuring that the detail is accessible, and preventing it from overshadowing the results and overwhelming the reader. To this end, the business scenario document should have the main findings in the body of the document and the details in appendices.

In the appendices:

  • Capture all the important details about a business scenario:
    • Situation description and rationale
    • All measurements
    • All actor roles and sub-measurements
    • All services required
  • Capture the critical steps between actors that address the situation, and sequence the interactions
  • Declare relevant information about all actors:
    • Partition the responsibility of the actors
    • List pre-conditions that have to be met prior to proper system functionality
    • Provide technical requirements for the service to be of acceptable quality

In the main body of the business scenario:

  • Generalize all the relevant data from the detail in the appendices

26.8.2 Business Scenario Models

  • Remember the purpose of using models:
    • Help comprehension
    • Give a starting point to confirm requirements
    • Relate actors and interactions
  • Keep drawings clear and neat:
    • Do not put too much into one diagram
    • Simpler diagrams are easier to understand
  • Number diagrams for easy reference:
    • Maintain a catalog of the numbers to avoid duplicates